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back in my grandma's day you could just cut into your wealthy husbands brake lines. now you gotta hack into his self driving car. learn to code kids

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cis people will watch a movie about fucking werewolf shit but have no patience for their friend's increasingly large tits.
it's a mental illness.

Fun fact: the earliest museum curator we know about was a woman, Princess Ennigaldi of Ur, whose museum catalogued artifacts from earlier Babylonian and surrounding cultures. Her father, King Nabonidus, was the first known archaeologist.

Ennigaldi, who lived in the mid-6th century BCE, meticulously labeled each item in her museum - in three languages! - and took great care to preserve them; some of her collection dated back at least 1500 years.

it seems upon first glance an unnecessary deference to the conventions of English orthography which restricts capitalization to proper nouns, as opposed to the typical American capitalization of the initials of the expansion, made for pedagogical emphasis

I really warmed up to the word thot. I was against it at first

I guess we all worry about stuff like that sometimes

I hit the thottery on and You Can Too

what if I never get to teach a gender studies course where for your final project you had to ressurect the dead and/or call forth a demon

what if I never achieve my dream of becoming an Instagram thot

"so what do you think? is it me? am I too handsome and talented?"

good thing I have therapy tonight. otherwise I'd have to just toot thru it

come on, ask me about the atmospheric composition of the Cretaceous period, I double dog dare you

at work I mentioned in context of the lunch conversation there were in fact no potatoes in medieval Europe and everybody looked at me like I was a weirdo. motherfucker I'm not the only one with Wikipedia

thank God no one expects me to know who Sufjan Stevens is

if I had a nickel for every time I thought "I can't do this" I wouldn't have to do this

I completely forgot I'm supposed to give this presentation to the execs and rolled into work wearing a three six mafia t-shirt lol

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