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back in my grandma's day you could just cut into your wealthy husbands brake lines. now you gotta hack into his self driving car. learn to code kids

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of course the CIA would try to manipulate dreamwalkers into participating in it's covert psychic assassination program. it seems so obvious, in retrospect

over 60 and under $500 you just give it to em. Greenleaf 2020

I strongly feel if you're a woman over the age of 60 you should be exempt from laws regarding petty theft

stealing cable was the only time trickle down economics worked

porn is unrealistic because it is all stuff I would never do like answer a phone call or talk to my family

if I was in WW2 submarine lost in the Arctic and just narrowly avoided being sunk by the enemy and environment then was suddenly attacked by a giant octopus I'd definitely think about how that whole situation was a metaphor for my relationship with my mother

I guess the jedi texts didn't contain any lessons on physics or probability

I'd describe myself as a radical in the sense that I recognize the obvious fact that this civilization has marched the human species to the brink of extinction and our entire worldview needs to be radically reevaluated, yeah

‪the dark side isn't "easier and more seductive" for no reason it's the fundamental nature of the universe. it's the same reason why your room gets dirty instead of clean‬

so what if you tell me and then I can then speak it backwards and make you do jumping jacks or whatever. I totally wouldn't do that

I personally think asking someone what their secret name is on a first date is totally fine. they don't have to tell you

fantastic four is one of my least favorite comics but Dr Doom is my fav villain and evil Reed Richards is my favorite alt universe villain

I will vote for AOC, *IF* and only if she can garuntee that wealthy, possibly insane widows that happened to inherited vast estates from a series of husbands that died or disappeared under bizarre and/or mysterious circumstances will NOT have their holdings expropriated by the revolutionary committees

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