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back in my grandma's day you could just cut into your wealthy husbands brake lines. now you gotta hack into his self driving car. learn to code kids

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I think esp is a great place to start. just in general

I hate it when people criticize me about things I can't help like my behavior

I would love to like, invade Victorian England from space

people want to blame me when they get cursed? like whoa what's up baby I wasn't the one trimming my finger nails at work. do you know nothing about the occult

one does not simply stop being a depressed adolescent

the guy that taught me Islamic theology and law was a communist. I can never pay pack what I learned from him. literally. because of my student loans

sorry I forgot to cw this if anyone complains I'll delete

one of those things is trade sanctions on Iran. Like most Americans I'm pretty fucking sick of paying $20 for one sprig of saffron because Iran produces like 90% of the world's supply

‪cooking shows are great cause you get to see what you've been doing wrong your whole life‬

I can't think of anything else so erotically charged yet looks so awkward on the page except for maintenance

its important to stand by your principles, I guess is what I'm trying to say

I've never resurrected a woman using a weird combination of black magic and illegal science in the hopes that she would fall in love with me out of gratitude. does that make me a feminist? I don't know. and honestly? don't care

@DickieGreenleaf are you saying you havent used a bizarre combination of black magic and illegal science to resurrect at least one woman from the dead? because i used bizarre combination of black magic and illegal science to ressurect my gf @sitholocron from the dead

thigh is spelled all wrong for the amount of hornt it generates

I *love* women. I love them so much I'd use a bizarre combination of black magic and illegal science to ressurect them from the dead

I spent 10 years training to become a lacanian psychoanalyst but gave it up to pursue a career shit posting on the internet. you gotta follow your passion, feel me

if your commercial space travel future doesn't involve wearing aloha shirts and snapbacks and chain smoking while a cat runs around the ship, I don't want it

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