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i need everyone to know right now that im on my period and currently eating chunks of licorice straight from the bag like its a burrito

i made direct eye contact with my sibling and said IVE BEVER EXPERIENCED LICORICE LIKE THIS BEFORE IN MY LIFE

i thought i was over the worst of my dependent personality but i just found out a symptom of it can be 'pseudo-independent behaviour' and... welp

on the bright side, knowledge is power and stuff?

i am going to sleep, its evidently been a long day

ive been fomenting new ideas for velkacis and im very optimistic. once the chat is presentable, i want to start off by introducing focus groups to the chat and enriching the culture from there. it will be a slow process but im hoping to be able to work with people directly to ensure it doesnt become a toxic community.

when you dont wanna acknowledge that your period is starting so you pretend not to notice the cramps and put off checking for blood for as long as possible

i did a lot of organizing before bed last night, im feeling a little more on top of things. im going to shower then spend the rest of the day doing more organizing.

just played rin kagamine - meltdown, and was holding a full conversation with my sibling but we both paused at the moment where rin screams to join in the screaming with her and then went right back to talking and if that isnt a mood i dont know what is

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hey – are you not as involved in activism as you want to be? are there physical or mental barriers preventing you from participating?

chances are, you have a friend, acquaintance, etc., who is involved.

I want you to support the SHIT out of them.

for awhile now, instead of properly journaling, ive just been opening up new files in notepad++ and hoarding thoughts and information

art i got from deviantart.com/malvacae for artfight!! im so in love with the colours they used

someones red panda digimon OC on artfight <3

the fly on the window is angled so that it looks like its a giant scaling the water tower lol

like when i see a dead rabbit, my thought isnt 'wow i like its pelt' (although rabbit fur is very beautiful) its 'i wonder if this is in a place where predators and scavengers can safely access it'

i thought i wanted to be someone who collected animal parts, bones and feathers and the sort, but the more i think about it the more id rather be able to integrate bodies back into their ecosystem.

i like the idea of working with both live and dead animals equally, although nothing makes me feel better than seeing a bright healthy animal, theres something comforting about knowing that the dead have a place too.

i dont like the idea of coming across a dead pet, but i like the idea of, if a pet dies somewhere away from the owners, someone reunites the body with the family in a way that makes it easier on them.

basically my biggest fantasy when it comes to owning a car is knowing where to look for roadkill, and keeping trash bags in the back so i can be ready to pick one up.

saw a dead cat on the side of the road a bit ago and was thinking how i wish i worked with dead animals and had my own space to do that. a fair amount of the cats around here are stray but on the off chance it was someones pet i would want to know theres people out there looking for that kind of thing and wondering if the owners know.

.. especially guys with saviour complexes

the stereotype is that girls are going to be saved by guys but honestly? generally speaking at least? girls do way more for guys than they do for girls. even guys with saviour complexes.

note to self get a night light