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whig. ok im done for now, good night~

stan-twitter lingo is literally so funny and ive been unable to stop saying 'wig' in response to everything all week long

the fact that nobody liked this post has me shook

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the big box behind it is a wall mirror that also needs hung up cuz im getting tired of running to the bathroom to check my appearance. vain forest nymph vibes pls and ty

my grandma brought this painting over a few days ago asking if anyone wanted it because she doesnt have the room for it anymore, so i claimed it!!! i have no idea who the artist is but i fell in love with it years ago when i saw it hanging in her study and im so glad its mine now

also its a relatively small game but it is sooo fun! i feel like the lack of focus on strategy lets me just sit back and appreciate the nostalgia and childlike wonder aspects of the kanto region. i really recommend it to anyone who may have been on the fence about it.

hey everyone i got lets go eevee for christmas (i decided not to wait to play it cause we are getting smash too and im not gonna be able to use the switch after that bahaha) and basically i dont have a sandshrew and i really dont want to transfer my sandslash from pokemon go cuz i actually use it so... if anyone has a sandshrew theyre willing to trade me on pokemon go please message me! ^.^ i will give you gifts (or something else?) in return

o my god i just remembered valentines day is a holiday and ♥_♥

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mastodon is really so behind the times. when are we going to drop the veneer and start using stan-twitter language? i want to hear long explanations of anticapitalism and anarcho-communist history and be able to just say "wig!"

damn i really have no depth per section without my glasses on

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I’ll never forgive the internet for training a generation of artists and writers to call what they make “content.”

Boxes have contents. You’re a fucking ARTIST. You make ART. Own it.

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