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Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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I'm thinking about putting android on a pine64 and using that for a desktop for a while. Using Termux and buildAPK I can build android apps directly on android, and this would force me to refine buildAPK.

I kinda want to just hook up my Atari 1040ST as my main computer and interact with the world through a terminal emulator TBH

I'm at that weird point in my life where I'm picking OSes based on the strength of their code of conduct.

PSA: If you're in the US, you'll be getting an emergency alert on your phone Wednesday at 2:18pm Eastern time as part of a nationwide test. You'll get it even if you've disabled these alerts previously, have your phone silenced, or volume set to 0. Regardless of volume settings, the alert will emit a siren sound at your phone's max volume.

If you don't want this (frex if you'll be asleep like me :|) you need to have your phone completely off, or in a mode that gives it absolutely no service.

heh.... what's that? you installed an app to customise you're fphone? you wanted to change the size of the status bar? i didn't realise you were a MURDERER. NO NETFLIX, NO FIRE EMBLEM, NO GOOGLE PAY. FUCK YOU CRIMINAL SCUM

Oh nice! It seems you can now download #PeerTube videos with youtube-dl. I swear that app is magic.

At least folks who have playback issues can make use of that.

Additional with MPV and youtube-dl installed, you can just run the command
$ mpv {video url}
to play the video directly through MPV player.

if everyone starts following bethesda's lead with fallout 76 / mmo rpg adventure games i'm gonna Scream even more than i do now

I mean, it used to be "add to resolv.conf, you're done". Then it used to be "add to resolvconf config file head, you're done". Now it's "nobody really knows, users usually don't need that *shrug*".

This fscking thing really starts to feel like Windows.

#FsckSystemd #Linux

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