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Okay so I totally am bad at promotion but my band lives here on Bandcamp: and my movie podcast on Abnormal Mapping lives here:

So on birbsite I suggested that fans of the relentless picnic podcast start a discord and then it happened!

Found out that all you need to watch movies on Kanopy is a library card. Surprisingly the smaller town I live in offers it but not the bigger city I used to live in

Being a polyglot is a dream of mine but I've only studied German and Spanish and it is mostly forgotten

Looking over materials to teach myself Arabic.

I have somehow managed to leave my phone in odd places twice this week

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Shout out to one of my all time favorite internet things: this collection of images of novelty baby clothing on zazzle but with the default model switched to an adult.

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I'm at a queer event at a bar rn like: "IT'S BEAUTIFUL OUT HERE. EVERYONE IS SO YOUNG AND GAY"

Sorry, in a bad mood because I've been overwhelmed at work and at home for weeks and I can't seem to get out of it because my brain is broken.

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I think about the "Goop on ya Grinch" tweet literally every day.

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Reminder this #Juneteenth that I'm always in need of $$$ not just for the bills and food, but for self care & essential things too

like i need to get a new phone very soon so i'm not struggling with a slow and very unresponsive 5 year old phone$melaninpony


Unreasonably upset that they took the option to have voicemail instantly transcribed into text off of newer android phones

Google image search male Mandarin ducks. They're beautiful. You won't regret it.

Gathering items for a working. It is amusing how much Catholic paraphernalia I own for someone who has never been baptized.

Love to spend 30 minutes in a car every morning with someone so negative and selfish.

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