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I can't believe I'm just now hearing Pere Ubu😍😍😍😍

I don't even know what to talk about. I feel like a real mess.

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Found myself wishing I had a private Twitter then I remembered my masto account lol

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I'm such a nerd that my book of shadows has a works cited section

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I am taking a half day off of work tomorrow just to do stuff I didn't have the energy to do last night.

Decided to start the year by researching the fuck out of my birth chart.

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Spouse, @fridgebuzznow, and I are working on some music and it is amazing and I am so excited for when we can put our thing up on ye olde bande campe.

Today is my birthday. I'm 33. So of course I drew the page of wands.

30 out of 50 planned books this year and I'm still looking at my bookshelf like "I COULD READ 20 VOLUMES OF MANGA IN 2 DAYS. RIGHT?!"

Life Updates:
1. Dragon Ball Z is very good, actually
2. I turn 33 on 1/4/19
3. All I do now is read and watch anime
4. Work is boring
5. I am lapsed spiritually and am going to try and get better soon.

The only thing I believe in anymore is Goku.

Tumblr on some anti-sex worker shit for real. Really worried about the livelihood of some good people because of this.

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