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general announcement to the !

if you ever want to hear me read a story, I'm broadcasting twice a week on YouTube, on Saturday mornings (Undertale / Steven Universe / other fanfic) and on Wednesday nights ("weird" stories, sci-fi maybe...anything serious, basically) the Wednesday nights might turn into Thursday mornings when my job puts me back on night shift.

check out my channel, where you'll find recordings of a few previous readings:


I'm a space puncher
I ride my space ship
Space puncher is my name and my textureeeeeee

I really, really want to make a forearm mounted computer. Raspberry Pi with a 7inch display and small keyboard and trackpad mounted on the forearm, 10,000 mAh battery on the upper arm.

Does anyone have experience with making stuff like this?

also gonna plug my server again a little, "In the Foothills of Mount Ebott" (*giggles* sorry) that's a bit more magicky, Undertaley, plurality, personal kind of stuff. DM me if interested

I think I'm gonna go pass out though

stay determined

reminder! I've got a group, "The Spare Oom", now where I discuss what I refer to now as matters, i.e. how I feel like my furry identity ended up connecting up to larger things like my gender identity, spirituality, etc. if you wanna join, ask me! I'll send an invite.

lil bit of regret Show more

do you know what interface I genuinely am missing right now

Windows 3.1 Program Manager

I am not fucking kidding

if someone made me a Linux window manager that behaved like that, I'd have their babies (or at least buy 'em a beer or something)

if you would like to be a plush, too, i have copious amounts of neoprene and smartgel and a sewing needle and some buttons. please step in line

To people who reply to every OS problem with "USE LINUX" Show more

To people who reply to every OS problem with "USE LINUX" Show more

am I gonna have to come up with some kinda, like, snekomancy

this pose has got to mean something. just look at her occult.camp/media/0xKARy_vDZUM

It looks like I just migrated.

Hi occult.camp
That.. is all.

[love+glow+flow] 💜​✨​🌊​

Good morning, world! :D

idea: telegram, but it's entirely open source and it doesn't require a phone number

Does anyone out here in the land of the Mastodon know much about withdrawal from corticosteroids? Specifically, is anxiety a common symptom? (Trying to determine whether I can pin a weird episode today which wasn't relieved by anxiolytic medication on forgetting my steroid inhaler this morning.)

Putting out a call to help with rent

Partner hasn't gotten their tax return, so all of mine is going to it and I just want to make sure we don't end up homeless


if I'm pouring a libation of coffee (or whatever) at my place in the factory I've got two options

I can wait until pouring a libation, before drinking any myself

or I can go ahead and drink, just remembering to save some at the end for an offering

I'm _pretty_ sure Athene always wants me to do the first

pretty sure Loki don't care

not sure at all what other deities might think about this

i did my first reading with my tarot cards today using a spread i found on pinterest and here were the results: