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what's the easiest personal wiki platform out there? is there any way a wiki-like thing can be done with static html

fucked up that windows and linux are both so bad that it's easier to get macOS running on a PC than it is to get an acceptable windows or Linux desktop

and hopefully when my follower list is correctly imported, I can finally say I'm done here.

thanks, occult.camp and @transcendentalConsensus

sorry I got to be a bit too cavalier with myself here. I'll be better elsewhere I promise

stay determined, everybody

and keep your Soul Gem clean! Mami-san would want you to. *grins*


The SU Pool Hopping ep was a great filler honestly!! Loving how they're managing the "filler episodes" lately💕
#stevenuniverse #art

my last official act on occult.camp before I leave.

It's rather important, and pertains to my ongoing fight with the Seattle postfurry community.

I encourage everyone to read it, although it's on the blue hellbird site.


just what is awoo.space's whitelist anyway

a wandering to everyone who follows me on occult.camp, a pretty substantial list at this point: I'll be following you all from @kara from now on

so don't be surprised at the flurry of sudden follows

In order to take my mind off of Key stuff, I started watching The Stranger by and staring Orson Welles.

I knew nothing about his film going in to it. I'm about halfway in now, and a young Welles is playing a nazi/murderer.

It's an absolutely chilling performance. The man is a terror.


looks like I'll be taking my leave of occult.camp pretty soon. it's been a good home, but a couple of folks have made it clear they don't want me here, and I'm gonna leave before there's further trouble

I'm not changing my mind about anything substantial. I'm still going to be the defence attorney for people about whom whispers are believed and treated as fact.

but really I can't do that here.

Toot toot! Hello everyone! I'm having a very hard time right meow, so maybe you could tell me something that helps you feel better! I'm just feeling a little stuck and having a hard time motivating myself to do anything that would probably help.

Things that help me sometimes:
coloring books and making art
going outside into nature
self-soothing with the senses
distracting with something funny
animal videos are nice
mesmerizing videos are nice too
good music that lifts my spirits
journaling, writing, making lists...

If I could muster any motivation to try even just one thing it would help. It's at least worth a try!

Any suggestions?
What works for you?

my girlfriend's, @mirzaba, succubus character in sporty underwear<333

it's #sidecharactersunday ! or... it was yesterday and I forgot to post again. well. Here's Maisie, Maisie is a "journalist" who writes almost exclusively trash stories about Rayleen and Nova. She's a menace.
#mastoart #ocs #supernovas

Copy & paste so we can help out one another :_catblob:

What are three types of witchcraft you have the most knowledge in?
What are three types of witchcraft you are learning right now?
What are three types of witchcraft you would like to learn? This can totally include worship/deity work.

Knowledge - #tarot #crystals #hellenismos #sigils

Learning - #energywork

Curious - #spiritwork #coven or #priestesshood #astral

link from blue hellbird, Undertale writing idea Show more

Anyone just wanna chat about anything? Let me know. I am doing some random social media maintenance shit online right now. But not really doing anything. So bored I started falling asleep. I am willing to talk about nearly anything. I know about a lot of topics, and I am always thinking some deep, philosophical, unanswerable, existential type shit. lol I've gone down many rabbit holes. Have any spiritual experience/spiritual awakening/epiphany stories and/or spiritual insight to share? I'm down.