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Kara Dreamer ⚧ @kara

please write me a desktop application for Mastodon that handles multiple accounts

preferably something that I can run on Linux

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@kara n.b. there are some java libraries already out there.

with some work and with some Swing, someone could cook up a Swing based desktop mastodon!

I'd do it but I'm all out of time.

@pnathan that's probably how I'd approach it

Java's kind of a garbage language but I do already know a bit, and it's literally everywhere

@pnathan @kara that'd look excessively horrible, but perhaps one could cook something up with javafx. But: i think i would much prefer a PyQt application

@MightyPork @kara then you have to figure out python packaging. I've spent days of my life on that, no thanks. I'll take the ugly.

@MightyPork @kara the python world had to invent conda because pip was so bad. and now there's 2 different versions of conda (miniconda, anaconda) and there's still easy_install hanging around.

I'm just sort of OVER it. (btw guess what my work day has been lately! yes! yes! python packaging!)

I'd rather write in java 5, which is a drear dull hassle at best.

@pnathan @MightyPork yeah

like, Java's kinda ugly

but Python is like a blob monster that sort of has learned to fake acting like real programming languages. it's the shoggoth of computer languages, slithering through the computing world and imitating its masters

@pnathan @MightyPork (that's actually where my RL snek is, in a tank on my computer desk :p )

@kara Which OS? Are there any CLI clients that handle multiple accounts (even if it's accomplished by having one account per terminal tab)?

@USBloveDog well, that does me no good XD like, I already can do that with the browser client

I need better interactivity among multiple accounts, like being able to respond to a post from any account I choose (Subway Tooter lets me do that)

@USBloveDog oh, and I think I mentioned "preferably Linux" already in the OP

@enkiv2 hm, what sort of interface does it have? straight CLI or console?

@kara it has its own cli with commands like "toot" and "timeline"

@enkiv2 hm....well, I can try it anyway

I think I'd prefer something with a tin- or nn-like interface