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I'm just old enough to remember how Isaac Asimov essentially became a _brand_

Isaac Asimov explains general relativity

Isaac Asimov explains the Bible

Isaac Asimov explains how to use a slide rule

(not joking)

amazon.com/Easy-Introduction-S occult.camp/media/GFu-Ew2KMmCy

I grew up on Asimov, reading both his fiction, non-fiction and F&SF columns. I'm not sure he'd agree that he was a _brand_
Kara Dreamer ⚧ @kara

@bobjonkman it's a slightly inappropriate word to use, perhaps, but the point is, Asimov's name and face were enough to sell things, for a time.

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True dat. I'd still buy stuff with Asimov's name and face...