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zealotry and hatred on a big dumb sign tag yourself Show more

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Audre Lorde, revolutionary change, oppression Show more

I love all the mercury lamps in Chicago. Makes me feel safe for some reason

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pol ++++++ Show more

honestly the ui is not exactly intuitive. I usually have to stare at a button for a couple seconds before I figure out what it does.

just reached for something and accidentally elbowed the wall real hard and loud at 2am


maybe I'll destroy capitalism tomorrow. we'll see how i'm feeling

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God Damn the US National Anthem sucks

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rooting a phone:

iOS: exploit patched, hacker scum
android: google pay disabled, hacker scum
windows phone: please let me die

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i'm liking these cute colors a lot

although the lilac-on-white is actually impossible to see

And the winner of Kim 2.0's First Follower Award goes to...



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