I would like gay spaces without alcohol please. Gay libraries would be nice

@kioskwitch I have a gay bookstore near me but it sells more sex toys than books so hahaha

@kioskwitch there's a queer cafe in Atlanta, and I never realized How much I relied on that space until I left. I'd love to have queer everything spaces

@kioskwitch how bout a gay arcade

arc-gayde? fuck

i need somewhere to get the high score on asteroids

@kioskwitch seattle has that! gay city is a nonprofit with, among other things, a nice big gay lending library and reading room

@kioskwitch There used to be an LGBTQA bookstore up the street but...oh nevermind, they served alcohol.

@kioskwitch I used to run one but also occasionally drink on the job so it kind of evens out

@kioskwitch The name of the store was "Outwrite." Isn't that clever?

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