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hey i'm sage, i'm 24 and i never fuckin learned how to read. i enjoy the following:

- cats, big and small
- archaic meme lore
- greek gods, n the gay shit that ensues with them
- sci fi
- adventure time & steven universe
- chaos gardening

i am a gemstone collector with about 40 different species of rocks, & i have an amateur interest in psychology & anthropology. ive gone to school for biochemistry as well as pharmacy. i'm v interested in the occult and use tarot as a self-reflective tool

a fun fact about me: i have two cats named thor and loki and they are my Precious Sons

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hey whats up friends im gonna talk about my craft for a hot minute

ive been practicing for 4 years now, started off pretty fluffy tumblr witch but now im finally following a pretty sicknasty path. im proficient at energy work & elemental magic (communing with gemstone spirits is a great way to learn), & my mentor is tutoring me in british tradcraft. i am also studying death magic.

tarot is what got me interested in the craft, and i could probably read at a professional level if i wanted to, just don't have the time/energy for that

also, i'm a hellenic polytheist and a follower of Hekate, and have a special affinity for Chthonic deities. the earth is my home, everything has a spirit. everything is alive. littering enrages me.

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Apparently it’s not okay to shout “fight me in real life” at cops when they drive by. Well, lesson learned.

hozier disappeared into his cave hidden in the forest for four years to write a bangin new album and oh boy am i grateful for this forest nymph

🎵 on the twelfth day of tooting the fedi gave to me

12 apes a-vaping
11 lasers posing
10 ropes a-blasting
9 cancelled admins
8 guys replying
7 birthday fakers
6 slime emojis

5 migrations

4 boosted nudes
3 faved toots
2 coochie elves
and a whole fediverse of good friends 🎵

If your gender, pronouns, or name 🅱️​roke, don't worry.

You can get them repaired or replaced for no cost.

All genders, pronouns, and names come with a lifetime warranty.

:promoted:​ Promoted

after 6 years of hiding it i told her i'm a homestuck freak and she didn't immediately block me...found a keeper

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Hey night crew *pulls out harmonica* this one goes out to you *phrewwww*

me on dot social: fuck all y'all imma climb into a bong

me on i listened to a john denver song and cried

Everything that I like is Queer Culture, and everything that I don't is is not Queer Culture

welcome to wintgenstein industries: where we make the commies read homestuck and we make the homestucks read lenin

Bonobos just want to have a good time. Do drugs. Have an orgy. Start a Funky Kong tribute band.

hi i love baths after a long day at work, i am in much less pain

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