Big ollie, slo mo. Lil bit of butt in leggings

Of course this means my timeline is practically bare but I think that's for the better.

There. That's better? I tried but to unfollow any mutuals but if I did I'll probs follow back eventually. Technically I only have 33 followers rn so it's not like there's a lot of mutuals.

I feel like when I come here I scroll and ignore 70% of toots. I think I need to do some unfollowing

In London the skater girls I know are queer, trans inclusive, multiple poc and antira, and hella cool to be around. I hope I find that in Berlin but I doubt it. Maybe start it. Thing is, it's not forced or labelled here, it's just normal.

Let's see. That was 7.5 hours of sleep. That's sufficient.

I'm staying with @mara and @feli and they have dark souls 2, so of course I'm playing it now

I heard she's a. . . you know *makes sword swinging motions*

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It's always been weird. You can only seem to charge it when it's off and it'll never tell you how much charge it actually has. But I used it for two hours yesterday without issue and today it won't give me that. Maybe I just need to charge it looonger.

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