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Reminder that I have three short story zines. Each one with an original story and its Spanish translation.

They're pay what you can; it is very much ok to download them for free specially if you're trans as well. What matters most to me is that people read my work.

Check em out!! And spread em around.



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Like VW would never be anything that it is today without benefiting from Nazi forced labour. It has never paid any compensation except a nominal "voluntary restitution" to a select few people who lived through the affair. After the war management was passed to one German man: A prolific Nazi businessman who had also used slave labour at his last job at Opel.

Much of Germany's modern wealth is built on the back of slaves, and their superficial "reflection" and "shame" is not even close to enough.

"Dieselgate is the biggest scandal in VW's history"

Because having 80% of their workforce as slave labour at the company's inception is just par for the course in Germany

I wish I had a multimeter

What a great start to my morning
( ̄^ ̄)

Nothing quite like putting on your headphones and suddenly not hearing anything from one side

I finally watched Pose on FX and goodness is that show amazing. It's great to see Black/Afro-Latinx & Brown Queer for two their own experiences. It's such a dynamic show. If you appreciate PARIS IS BURNING, you'll def appreciate POSE.

R Dorothy Waynewright is recipient of all my love and devotion

As you all might've remembered, I really found "The Men with the Pink Triangle" a super-important book and was enriched greatly by reading it. So much so that I thought I might like it in my personal library.

Except it's out of print and going for $60-$80 some places.

This is why my local #library and the system we have in Michigan is so important. I can get any book from any library in the state, including that one. Please support your local library. ❤

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@oneirofaerie i wish they all could be caniformia girrrrrrrrls🎶

Tired: California, the golden state

Wired: Caniformia, the suborder within carnivora which includes "dog like" animals

Excuse me, I'd like to request more toots pleas

An opportunity I'm incredibly tempted to pursue.
I could learn gaeilge. And visit faerie circles. I hear they have very little terfs in Ireland. I already have some contacts too.

I'm gonna need all the intel y'all have on Dublin

There's an opportunity there

I don't trust angels, angels are bastards. I've never heard of a demon promoting colonialism, angels do that constantly

are there any queer friendly makeup places in brighton. i mean obviously it's brighton but, like, where

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