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I'm gonna need all the intel y'all have on Dublin

There's an opportunity there

An opportunity I'm incredibly tempted to pursue.
I could learn gaeilge. And visit faerie circles. I hear they have very little terfs in Ireland. I already have some contacts too.

@oneirofaerie very expensive to live there. housing crisis. some of the best people i know live there tho. good trans scene

@candle I think the job i would be getting would make it feasible to live there. Though I'd feel I was walking in a tense situation. The good trans scene aspect is what's most attractive though. Any idea how trans healthcare is? Mones and stuff?

@oneirofaerie for immigrants i don't know... i know multiple trans people on em though so it can't be too bad. i think you can self-determine gender without a legal process

@oneirofaerie do you know llaura / dámhín? they'd be the people to ask -- i could put you in touch

@candle I'll check. I also have other ppl I can ask. I have my german gender papers™ so hopefully that would help.

@oneirofaerie the company I work for has an office there, I've heard great things about the city but I've never been. good luck with your opportunity!

@oneirofaerie (I've personally done all the ticked ones so feel free to ask specifics)

@oneirofaerie it is fairly expensive cost of living, lots of tech jobs. Probably going to have even more jobs after bexit