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its not intuitive,, but im also over at @ponfarr so catch me there if we go down over here again

i hope i clearly give off the vibe that i made fake hotmail emails in elementary to create new neopets

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why does herman look like if pikachu was a bird. who gave him blush

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knzk never goes down, it is simply that our mere mortal forms sometimes cease to comprehend the beauty of knzk

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learning that it's not what you post, it's what you don't, you know

nimrod really didnt deserve this reputation but thats life for ya

i had some good ideas going but im gonna save them for knzk 😔

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you damn well know im just checking in bc knzk went down again

i swear that i could taste it in the wind tonight that was going to go down

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big rock candy mountain is the dsa fuckboy anthem that we need

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