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I'm realizing that the witching hour thing, while not being a bad idea, was effectively impossible for me to implement because spoons

so ill just be making that happen a bit later and actually doing it FGJ

I am gonna attempt to be here more often

Having employment should in theory reduce the amount of spoons I gotta waste on being terrified of being homeless, so coming here won't be borderline impossible for me

i have some stuff i gotta get figured out come this weekend with registrations and hosting, but it should be fine

Might honestly wait until tonight to do that

So once I'm done with this clearing of remote media thing, I'm gonna have to take the instance offline for a bit, but it will be gud


I am gainfully employed again, finally, so like I'm still gonna see if I can cut server costs, but the instance can easily stay up now so that's good


I'm gonna see if I can do a few tweaks to keep this place open


New Mon Lineart, using a computer tablet.

Much more difficult for some reason >^<

Vulnerable groups will tell you what happens which can inform decisions on how to fix it. Getting to that point is just a process of listening and trying solutions based on those experiences.

The fact so many white guys on this platform so readily discount situations that don't really affect is the _main reason_ this issue is so difficult to remedy.

We absolutely can solve the issue. The big question is why is there so much resistance against it.

The thing is the conversation isn't that hard to understand.

If you're a white guy, you're not a target of the most vile shit people do online. That's just a fact.

If you want to understand how pervasive and ugly abuse and harassment is, you have to listen to vulnerable communities who have to deal with it all time.

Excluding them from the conversation because you don't want to 'believe it' is a big reason why various social platforms keep repeating the same dumb ass mistakes.

And now we're halfway there woo woo

Once I get over I can look into actually like, paying people to help me out :3

If you can help donate to keeping Occult Camp up and running, that would be great, especially because my income is real limited right now


Hey, so I would really like to get a computer tablet, so I'm not having to constantly fuss with the iPad, and actually have some pressure sensitivity.

If you want to buy me this, it would help me out a lot, and also I will treat it as a commission.


ill be starting my Dark Souls stream in about 15 minutes

Going to try and go for about 3 hours this stream

Will add the link when i go live


Bark Souls Highlights - RIP Sadman


i did a thing then put it to yakity sax