Update, can't get OBS to read the demo window, so I'm just going to do some Undertale/Deltarune runs.


Okay, time to get this damn thing figured out

Gonna stream if anyone wants to watch me listen to music and watch like 80 tutorials to get it up and going.


Me: I would like a very simple inventory system.

Youtube: *gives me 100 vides with all the bells and whistles*

Me: *sigh*

And no I have a sort of functioning inventory system. I have a bit more cleanup to do with it, and then I guess I can move onto the battle system?


(sort of it doesn't actually work but hell yah)

Now I just have to move and resize the box, and I'm good

Gonna take some maneuvering, but it is coming along hell yeah

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Also, if for some reason you wanna see the game I've been working on, I made a video


Honestly pleased with the progress seeing as I'm awful at the programming

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Version 3 here:

If you want to see what I've managed thus far, you can download it here!


Arrow Keys to move Z and Enter to interact/skip text

Also I fucked up my text boxes so I gotta rebuild them and then progress from there

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Y'all it's functional and beautiful and I have way more done than I expected

So like, the first room is actually functional.

If you want to see how it's going, you can download it here:


Space will do an interact, and skip text, movement with the arrow keys.


On the plus side, roommate now has a job, and my partner has an interview so like, that’s something at least.

I am going to try and do transcription and work on this game and maybe, just maybe, we can manage

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