Update I really don’t feel good still, so I’m gonna just try to get a good one in on Wednesday

Sorry everyone

Update the stream died and I need to run some errands, so I'll be back up in about an hour

Had some technical difficulties will be back up in 10 minutes

Stream Starting in 15 minutes, going to do more Undertale Speedrunning.

Looking to get sub 1:50 today, should be possible with some optimizations


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it's uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

friday my friendos

It is Wednesday, and that means it is time for undertale speedrunning!

Getting set up now, check out twitch.tv/urwitchygothmom to watch me get started

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One more person left to 50 I am very excite


This is gonna be a good stream tonight I can feel it

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Cool I’m still nauseous bluh

Gonna try and push through today

Also it's ridiculously slow right now and honestly I could be doing like, actual things I care about but at least I'm getting paid I spose

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Well, once my run gets verified I'll be in the Top 100 for Undertale TPE so that's cool.

Just gotta wait for verification >.>

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