Wait bundle doesn't exist in 2.5.3 ruby, but masto requires 2.5.3 ruby?

How the hell do I update then?

@urwitchygothmom :face_think_cursed: the instructions to upgrade to the version of mastodon that required the newer ruby were incomplete (for a noob like me) so I went yolo, deleted the old ruby folder and went to the original mastodon install instructions and replaced the version number of ruby for the newer one and it worked. I hope my bad idea gives you and Idea of how to do it right

@v Yeah that's my plan basically. Just changing ruby-version back to 2.5.1

@urwitchygothmom there's the option to tell masto to use old ruby but I was afraid something would break in the future

@v I mean I am still on like 2.4.3, so I think that's currently the least of my problems haha

@urwitchygothmom I'm going to boost the OG post but the admins that know a lot always ignore me so... :shrugging:

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