It would be real cool if people could just like, not shit on kins tbh

@urwitchygothmom my mute list has been growing at a pretty rapid rate due to all of that, tbh.

@Chel Like I don't even get it super well, but also it seems like not shitting on people not hurting other people because you find something they're doing weird is really easy?

@urwitchygothmom pretty much the boat I'm in. I rather enjoyed the federated timeline a lot before this (and a bunch of similar stuff) became a frequent thing. 🤷

@Chel Yeah, I've been on a hiatus, and coming back to this has been extremely not great

@Chel It's super fine tbh haha

I've been blocking/muting instances and people so it'll calm down at some point

@urwitchygothmom I expect things will naturally start to quiet down a tiny bit in the coming days as well, which is good. :blobsmile:

@urwitchygothmom 'Sadly' when I wandered in, it was in between stampedes, so this is the first time I've seen things go quite this crazy. 😅

@Chel Oh dang haha

I had to take a break with the weird twitter peeps showed up because it was just too much to deal with.

This seems slightly less intense but it's still real annoying

@Chel It was a ton of drama, mostly because we had a whole thing with WilW and in general I was just overwhelemed by also dealing with admin stuff

@urwitchygothmom Ahh, yeah I've heard quite a bit about the whole ordeal surrounding his time here. How has the current influx been from an administrative angle, if I may ask?

@Chel I just dropped back in like 2 or 3 days ago, and my instance tends to be relatively easy to moderate, because we're pretty chill. I haven't really had more work so it's been pretty good.

Lots of issues following the constant subtoots because that would be things I probably need to know about, but like, *shrug* there's just too much happening

@urwitchygothmom Sounds about like things have been over here on my home instance. Or so I assume at any rate, since we haven't had too much craziness as far as I've seen.

Coming from a forum admin background, running a really big instance honestly sounds like a bit of a nightmare, tbh.

@Chel Honestly, yeah. Luckily we're small but it's still more people than I ever had on any of the forums I ran haha

I can't imagine having to mod for somewhere like .social

@urwitchygothmom It sounds mildly terrifying, to say the least. The report queue has apparently been a tiny bit flooded over there from what I've heard, to say the absolute least. >_>;

@Chel I mean yeah. It's everyone's entry point (Which brings it's own set of problems) and just oof

I am not envious of any of them

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