(sort of it doesn't actually work but hell yah)

Now I just have to move and resize the box, and I'm good

Gonna take some maneuvering, but it is coming along hell yeah

Y'all it's functional and beautiful and I have way more done than I expected

Okay, this looks like about where I want it to be I think.

Yee Hawww

I hope you like hearing about Troll Shaggy 2 Dope cos yeh

Anyway, collision totally works and this is still making me laugh a lot so y'all are stuck with it

This is really good and I need yall to appreciate this aesthetic

So I might be working on something like

Game related

Time to nap so I have the energy for this 8 hour stream tomorrow


When Toby Fox makes a new game but you decided to wait for the 24 hours to be over and speedruns are already happening

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