site might go down for a couple of minutes, i have a lot of updates to push through

okay gotta do hiatus stuff again but everything is good and not going to crash the site

i'll pop back in when it's time to to the upgrades so everyone knows

yeah i managed to cover it with like $2 to spare lol

i have a bunch of updates to do to the site, that should get taken care of later tonight just as a heads up

might be a smidge of downtime, but nothing major

@kioskwitch @jennie np np i added the ones i saw, if u have any more u want just lemmie know

hey so the price to renew this domain is like $50 for some reason and i don't think i can manage that?

i'll try to figure something out but just as a heads up

hey popping back in

i should probably update the version here just realized i hadn't in a while because i just fought upgrading trollian's

i should have it done in the next few days, hope everyone is doing well :3

@Indigodecay yeah it's been rough, but i'm glad we got it back going :3

ah okay i know what's going on.

might take it a couple of days but we should be back to normal soon

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