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I accidentally upgraded Ubuntu on the server that is on so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I guess I have to start fresh?

Hopefully not, but everything is currently broken so

I'm going to update first, and then i'll come back and reinstate the changes I had made here.

Cool that was relatively painless

I do need to update a bunch of the stuff back, but otherwise heck yeah


Please don't mock people who are exploring their identity, doing their own thing, aren't hurting anyone, and just having a good time.

Even if you think what they're doing is impermissible, mocking produces a toxic environment. It can cause more collateral damage than you think.

Wait bundle doesn't exist in 2.5.3 ruby, but masto requires 2.5.3 ruby?

How the hell do I update then?

A list of people on mastodon:
1) homestuck fans
2) undertale kinnies
3) like forty komaedas
4) some remarkably horny furries

I'm so scared everything is gonna break and I have to do this twice and also I have to make major changes to the one >^<

Time to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Try to do this update wish me luck

I forgot still exists

So cool both instances are still up and running and in need of updates

I think I should play more Soul Silver, but I blew through Leaf Green and Emerald in like 3 days and I don’t really wanna Pokemon right now

gamzee kins are legally binded to end every toot with HoNk :o)

Love that typing quirks are back might break mind back out

I need to update the instance.

I’m 95% sure if I try to the changes will revert tho and I don’t have the energy currently to fix stuff.

I’ll give myself a few hours to see if I can energize

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