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begging for money, food 

yall i just physically copy and pasted everything from a million pdfs cause i love all of you. It's not super neat and i just separated the sections but you can copy all of this and fix it up as you want.

Please tell me you can see this. There are all sorts of recipes for shampoo, detergent, wood polish etc.

This summer

from the people who brought you Gnomeo and Juliet and Sherlock Gnomes

comes an inexplicable webcomic adventure contemporary with the Obama administration

Gnomestuck, coming to a theater near you

I know we like having fun round these parts, but can we cut the kin jokes, at least for a while? There's some good folks getting actual hate right now and the last thing they need is having to play "is this a joke or this person actually a shithead?"

There may be a bunch of annoying newbie kids on your TL right now, but as anyone over thirty who has been here for longer than six months will tell you, there's always annoying newbie kids on the TL. That's no excuse for being a butt.

Cool so I modded the witches town theme to be more of a red and now we get to see how bad it looks on

Am excite

Now to precompile the assets, and we should be back to normal

Reminder if I see a homestuck I follow a homestuck.

On both accounts, cos is real fun


Update I apparently did not back up anything for this one, so I gotta just find the changes and remake them.

Annoying, but fine because it's less intensive than

It would be real cool if people could just like, not shit on kins tbh

alright yall we are out 👏 of 👏 the 👏 woods 👏

any further shenanigans are ur own gd fault until march

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