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Watched the Ellen episode of that awful Jerry Seinfeld thing on Netflix. I hate him but an article I read this morning convinced me here part might be worth it.

It was! And it made me realize I know basically nothing about her. So now I'm watching old videos of her, pre coming out, and she's just great.

I can't believe college introduced me to hours of George Carlin and 0 minutes of Ellen. Where were our priorities???

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Lies, I am definitely Peridot.


But of all the non-Peridot possibilities, Amethyst is probably my favorite. I guess I'll take it.


Got up early to take out the trash. Have 30-60 minutes (depending on how much I want to have to rush getting ready) before I have to actually start my day.

Naptimes or productivity times? Such a dilemma.

Told my boss I'm working on chaplaincy-related stuff again and will likely need to go down to part time by Spring. He was cool about it and congratulated me.

Sometimes I don't hate this job.

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I keep thinking it's Wednesday and it's only Monday. 😱 😢

Things I've learned in the past 12 hours:

1 - Having a "things I don't believe anymore" discussion with my partner is really weird when we don't discuss religion much so he didn't know what I *did* believe in the first place. XD

2 - Surprise! If you stay up an hour past your bedtime talking on your earliest morning, you will be very very sleepy and not want to go to work!

3 - Regardless of all of that, still totally nice and worth it to have a really deep, personal conversation with a partner. 💜

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Do you like the concept of dragons hoarding dice? Do you like enamel pins? Do you like pineapple on pizza? Okay regardless of your answer to the third question, this artist is making dice-hoarding dragon pins! Kickstarting an online store, US-only, $12 each (but they're a big 4cm) kickstarter.com/projects/mdlab

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what if pac mans real family was all the ghosts he ate along the way

Goal for today *was* going to get my temporary driving permit. But apparently all my identity documents got up and walked away.

I was probably not really as prepared for the knowledge test as I should be, anyway. So new goal for today is to *find* all my important documents, study some more, and take a bunch of practice tests.