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Zeph @zephasaurus_hex@occult.camp

Gaming day! I got to play as Loki earlier. That was fun.

It's a good game, too. First time playing it. Longer than I expected but also more engaging.

Does anyone else do the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?


I always do a solitary ritual in front of Hekate's altar space in my office. It's *kind of* a crowded space, shared with Persephone and a lot of general Goddess imagery, but she's got her own little corner of it.

I tried to get a group together online once but no one really responded. I don't even really know what that would have looked like, though, so I guess that works out.

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hey friends! if you're an 18+ witch, pagan, spirit worker, diviner, or are otherwise involved in some type of magic, consider joining my discord server, Nightshade Network!

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we’re tiny, we’re toony
we’re altogether ooky
we’re creepy and we’re spooky
we’re the addams family

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Reminder I'm starting #WicDivClub tomorrow if you want to read "The Wicked & the Divine" with me.

It's a pretty great series!

Currently the plan is to do it by issue rather than volume because 1 issue is roughly equivalent to an episode and I feel like there's a *lot* to talk about with each, but I'm open to changing that format if people prefer.

For this week, though - Issue #1.


I'm so good at things.

*leaves room to get something*
*gets distracted talking to partner and goes back upstairs*
*immediately remembers the thing i was looking for and go back*
*it's nowhere, head back upstairs*
*oh look it was right next to me the whole time*

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just found out there's a #solarpunk #mastodon instance called sunbeam.city and I am stoked

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This has been the longest streak of 10-hour days I've had yet. Today's my first day off in a bit and my cats are both extra-affectionate today.

I think they missed me, poor babies.

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#witchcraftis lighting a candle next to your bubble bath and announcing to yourself, "magick"

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steampunk but it
A. is actually punk
B. the steam machinery makes sense

I didn't even go to bed on time last night and only got like 5 hours of sleep but I *still* woke up the first time my alarm went off and feel...well, not *wide* awake, but awake.

This exercise thing's pretty cool. I have no idea why that would be the reason or how that works, but it's the only thing that's changed.

I think I want to start doing daily Tarot/Oracle readings again. We'll see if I can make it last this time.

I've also started exercising after work a little each day, which seems to help me sleep earlier and also have less pain during the day, which winds up meaning more energy in the morning. So it's definitely *possible* I'm in better shape to make it work this time.

Whew. Did a big chunk of cleaning. Good workout! Finally moved boxes and boxes of books I got from my sister out of the office. Got a long way to go getting this area organized, but it's a start.

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evangelical culture, forced gender roles, trans feelings Show more

evangelical culture, forced gender roles, trans feelings Show more

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Re last boost, there's enamel pride pins of aminals, started with cats and dogs, but they had a bunny and just added a bearded dragon and it's ending soon!

Bearded dragon pride pin!

I'm so glad this project is doing so well.

Last day to back it, for anyone who was waiting!