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Zeph @zephasaurus_hex

I have a really good memory for customers. If there's a regular at my store, chances are I know them by sight and name. But I'm very quiet and don't often use names even for friends/family. I just talk in their direction.

But I noticed people assume I don't know them. Even if I see them every day. And then they feel like I don't care, I'm just the person between them and their meds.

So I started greeting everyone I know by name this week. And WOW. I did not realize how much that meant to people, but apparently it's a lot and it completely turns those interactions around.

And I feel really good about it. It's nice making people smile a little.

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@zephasaurus_hex That is a great #smallstories (where we write about small events and larger connections)

@zephasaurus_hex I love this project you’ve got going.

I have a thing that if I see people lost in my work building I ask if they need help. Same response. It’s lovely.

I think small acts are easy to underestimate in this era of big gestures and tough talk.

@zephasaurus_hex too many of us lead our life in quiet desperation and go to our graves with the song still in us.
(Apologies to Thoreau)

@zephasaurus_hex yep, my wife knows customers by name and remembers their orders and food sensitivities. Means a lot to them.