What is occult.camp?

What is Occult Camp?

Occult.Camp is a fork of Awoo.Space, and follows similar rules, along with a Whitelist instead of a Blacklist. We act on reports as soon as possible, and our Admin and Mod team take concerns very seriously. We are a mostly general instance, however most of us are witches, or into the occult, and we do have weekly talks about the occult, found under the hashtag #OccultTalk.

Mature content is allowed here, however, we do request that you add Content Warnings to anything explicit, and also that you credit any artists with a link back.

Before signing up, please read our Our Terms.We know there is a lot there, but preventing issues before they happen is always good, and as long as you aren't being an asshole, you're probably doing fine.

If you would like to federate with Occult.Camp and aren't already doing so, or you have an idea of who we should federate with, we have a form here and also you can check the whitelist here

If you want to help support the instance, we have a patreon and a LibrePay here: Patreon LibrePay

Source Code can be found here: Beep Boop

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